Under the theme of ‘symbiosis’ my Final Major Project of my degree aimed to change the relationship between consumer and the beauty industry by encouraging sustainable beauty behaviours and the recycling of beauty packaging. Taking inspiration from the use of body paint in contemporary design trends and applying a bio-mimetic design approach, I created a social media campaign identity, animation, website and recycle pack concept.


'The Beauty Games' campaign (including but not limited to: name, concept and design) are owned and copyrighted by Steffi Griffin.

Visual Identity:

Campaign logo design.

Colour scheme.

Hand made illustrations.


 Social Media Content:

Social media graphic content.

The Beauty Games Social Media Animation

Social media animation.




Recycle Pack  Design:

This pillow pack design has been created to store empty beauty packaging in the home until ready to be sent to a participating recycling manufacturer. The customer can either sent the packaging back in the post or use the pack as a bag and return the contents to a participating store. 

Pillow pack postable design.

Delivered flat-pack and easy-to-assemble. 

Dual purpose design means you can transform this postal box for recycled content into a carry bag for returning packaging to store easily. 

For those returning by post, removing one perforated leaf turns the pack into an easy to use box whilst keeping the lid intact.

Alternatively both perforated leafs can be removed for an easy-to-transport bag back to store. 

© The Crop Creative / Steffi Griffin. All Rights Reserved.
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