'Save the Zoodiacs' is a digital campaign designed to help encourage positive behaviour change in consumers to save endangered species. Over 12 months (through social media and the mobile app) Millenials are encouraged to come together and support the new 'zoodiac' - 12 endangered species all chosen for their link to existing star constellations. Each week a new challenge is released to support the animals and raise awareness to the dangerous behaviours we all take part in. 


'Save the Zoodiacs' campaign (including but not limited to: name, concept and design) are owned and copyrighted by Steffi Griffin.



Save the Zoodiacs UI/UX Design

UI design. 

Save the Zoodiacs UI/UX Design
Save the Zoodiacs UI/UX Design
Save the Zoodiacs socia media

Social media graphics.

Save the Zoodiacs social media